Mediation Network of North Carolina’s community mediation centers offer the services below:

Criminal District Court Mediation

Mediation centers provide mediation for civilian-generated complaints brought to criminal district court.  Mediating these charges, if resolved, result in the charges being dismissed and no criminal recorded for the defendant.  The State of North Carolina assessed a fee of $60 for district court mediation which is substantially lower than traditional court fees. 

Home Owner Association and Community Disputes

Disagreements and disputes need not always require court action. Citizens can arrange for a certified mediator to help resolve these disputes.  These disputes can range from neighbor to neighbor to Home Owner Association and property owner. 

Teen Court and Juvenile Mediation

Department of Juvenile Justice through local councils known as “JCPC” provides opportunity for juveniles who have run afoul of school rules and could face possible court charges.  Teen Court is an opportunity for these young people to be heard by a court of their peers who would decide sanctions such as community service or letters of apology to help guide these young people back onto the right track.  Restorative Justice has a very impressive track-record across these United States.  Many of the JCPC Councils are currently funding “Sentencing Circles”.  Contact your local community mediation center for details of these valuable programs.

Medicaid Service Appeals

The Mediation Network of North Carolina is contracted by the Office of Administrative Hearings to provide mediation services at no charge to any Medicaid recipient whose services have been reduced or denied.  Mediators from across the state cover all 100 North Carolina counties.  The Law requires that once an appealed is filed with the Office of Administrative Hearings that the appeal be assigned to the Network for mediation. Mediators are required to establish contact with the recipient within 5 business days to schedule the mediation.

 Family Disputes

Even in the best of families disagreements can undo the strong supportive network that families need to prosper.  If your family finds itself caught in disagreement that could cause damage to the family unit, contact your local mediation center and discuss the issue with them.

Anger Management

For some, the emotion of anger can get out of control.  In the heat of an angry episode individuals could find themselves being terminated from their job, alienated from their loved ones or in serious legal trouble.  In some cases, defendants can be ordered by the court to attend an anger management program.  These programs are a series of adult classes designed to help individuals identify their anger triggers and techniques to diffuse further escalation.